Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) was established in 1964 and is working as a body corporate vide PCRWR Act 2007 under Ministry of Water Resources. PCRWR is mandated to conduct, organize, coordinate and promote research on all aspects of water, specifically irrigation, drainage, surface & groundwater management, groundwater recharge, watershed management, rainwater harvesting, desertification control, water quality and overall environment. Therefore, the organization promotes partnerships with national and international research to deal with the emerging issues and future challenges in water sector especially under climate change scenario.
Since its inception, PCRWR has played its role, as a leading water sector R&D organization through a well established state of the art research and dissemination infrastructure, having its Headquarter in Islamabad along with eight Regional Research Centers located at Tandojam, Quetta, Bahawalpur, Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Muzafarabad and Gilgit. The management of the Council consists of the Board of Governors, the Chairman and the Executive Committee.


The PCRWR is mandated to conduct, organize, co-ordinate and promote research in all fields of water resources engineering, planning and management, so as to optimally use the available land and water resources and to help achieve sustainability in the agricultural sector.

Governance Structure

Under the PCRWR Act 2007, the overall control, direction and superintendence of the affairs of the Council shall vest in a Board of Governors which may exercise all powers, perform all functions and do all acts and things which may be exercised, performed or done by the Council. The BOG is headed by Federal Minister for Science & Technology as its President and Federal Secretary as Deputy President besides representation from Federal and Provincial Departments, Technical Institutions, Professionals and Farmers all over the country. Further Technical and Executive Committees assist the BoG in its operation and decision making.


Chairman PCRWR is the Chief Executive of the Council. He also acts as Secretary of the BoG.

Statutory Functions

  1. Conduct, organize, coordinate and promote research on all aspects of water resources, including irrigation, drainage, reclamation, navigation, drinking water, industrial water, and sewerage management and to set up national centers, wherever necessary.
  2. Advise the government and submit policy recommendations regarding quality, development, management, conservation and utilization of water resources.
  3. Develop and maintain national water resources database, for use by the planning, implementing agencies and public.
  4. Design, develop and evaluate water conservation technologies for irrigation, drinking and industrial water.
  5. Commercialize its research and development results by the sale of products, patents and services.
  6. Undertake contractual research and provide consultancy services to the private and public sector.
  7. Establish liaison and collaborate with other related national and international research and development organizations, universities and NGOs.
  8. Publish scientific papers, reports and periodicals, and arrange seminars, training workshops and conferences on water- related issues.
  9. Initiate national water quality monitoring programme, in the urban and rural areas of Pakistan and develop technologies for providing safe drinking water to the public.
  10. Conduct and coordinate research or desertification, drought and flood mitigation.
  11. Provide financial and technical support to universities and research institutions for collaborative research projects and fellowships.
  12. Design and develop water related technologies and items of utility for various users according to market demand and undertake design and development projects on contract.
  13. Undertake human resources development, through training skills related to the specialized functions of the Council.

1 Federal Minister for Water Resources President
2 Federal Secretary for Water Resources Vice President
3 Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Chairman, PCRWR Secretary/Member
4 Joint Secretary-Exp (S&T), Ministry of Finance Member
5 Joint Secretary(Admn), Ministry of Science & Technology Member
6 Engr. Ahmad Kamal, Chief Engineering Advisor/Chairman Member
7 Mr. Nasir Ghafoor, Chief Engineer (North) Irrigation Department, KP Member
8 Mr. Jamaluddin Mangan, Additional Secretary (Technical), Irrigation Department, Karachi Member
9 Mr. Muhammad Akram, Director General Agriculture(Water Management) Member
10 Mr. Kabool Muhammad Khatian, President Sindh Chamber of Agriculture Member
11 Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Progressive Farmer, KP Member
12 Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Khan, Progressive Farmer Member
13 Mr. Muhammad Waseem Vohra, Former Vice President Member
14 Syed Muhammad Sabir Shah, Senator Member
15 Mr. Khalid Hussain Magsi, Member of National Assembly Member
16 Mr. Sher Afghan, Chief Engineer(P&M), Irrigation Department Member
17 Mr. Naseer Ahmed Shawani, Progressive Former Association Baluchistan Member


Tel: 051-9101275, 051-9101282-83
Fax: 051-9101278

Dr. Hifza Rasheed
Director General (WQ)

Tel: 051-9101274, 051-9101282-83
Fax: 051-9101278


Water Management
Officials Contact Area of Expertise

Engr. Faizan-ul-Hassan
Director (WM)
Tel: 051-9101285 (Ext 218)

Dr. Naveed Iqbal
Tel: 051-9101283
Groundwater, Satellite Hydrology, GIS/RS

Engr. Muhammad Dilshad,

Director (Hydrology)
Tel: 051-9101269 (Ext 240)

Engr. Ali Behzad
Deputy Director (WM)
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 217)
Soil Physics, Flow Measurement, Agriculture Water Management

Engr. Ibtisam Asmat

Deputy Director (Hydrology)
Tel: 051-9101282-83 Ext 242)
Flow Measurement, Groundwater

Ms. Bareerah Fatima

Deputy Director (WM)
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 243)
Smart Agriculture Water Management, Policy Governance, International Linkages

Engr. Salah Ud Din
Deputy Director (Hydrology-II)
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 243)
Water Resources Engineering, Surface Water Hydrology And Hydraulics  Design etc.

Engr. Muhammad Kashif Manzoor
Deputy Director (WM)
Email: Water Management, High efficiency Irrigation Systems setup

Mr. Anwar Ahmad
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 237)
Anthropology, Communication


Engr. Arslan Mumtaz, Assistant Director (WM)

Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 242) Email: Agriculture Water Management,
Irrigation Advisory Services,
Rainwater Harvesting

Engr. Muhammad
Assistant Director (Hydrology)
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 242)
Water Resources
Hydrology, GIS/RS

Ms. Mufeezah Ahsan
Research Officer
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 270)
Environmental Sciences, GIS/RS
Water Quality
Officials Contact Area of Expertise

Dr. Hifza Rasheed,

Director General (WQ)
Tel: 051-9101274
051-9101282-83(Ext 263) Email:
  • Water and waste water quality assessment for microbial, inorganic and organic contaminations
  • Chemical and microbial risk modelling
  • Drinking Water/Wastewater quality treatment
  • Statistical modelling using different programmes
  • Critical reviews and analysis of water related data, policies and regulations
  • Designing training programmes for water sector
  • Assessor and developer ISO-17025 Accreditation System
  • Supervision of water quality technical teams for water quality assessment, treatment and advisory services, supervision of technical managers of network of 24 PCRWR water quality laboratories.
  • Plan, undertake and lead programmes of research (project concept, technical and financial management, physical, financial and technical reporting)

Ms. Saiqa Imran,
Senior Research Officer
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 257)
Water quality assessment and management, surface & groundwater monitoring

Ms. Kiran Anwar,
Senior Research Officer
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 260)
Microbiology Section

Water quality testing of microbiological samples, Quality Control and overall management of microbiology laboratory. Also responsible for R & D activities

Mr. Shafiq ur Rehman,
Senior Research Officer
Tel: 051-9101282-83 Ext 276)
Technical Manager Quality Control

Dr. Fouzia Altaf,
Research Officer
Tel: 051-9101282-83(Ext 267) Email: Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment

Ms. Farah Naz,
Research Officer
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 256)
Water Quality Assessment and Management,
Wastewater Monitoring and Treatment

Ms. Rahila Noreen,
Research Officer
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 259)

Ms. Rizwana Parveen,
Research Officer
Tel: 051-9101282-83

Mr. Shakeel Badshah,
Research Officer
Tel: 051-9101282-83
Water Quality, Water Treatment, Safe Water Provision, Pesticides & Persistent Organic Pollutants, Analysis in Water using GCMS, Training Coordinator ISO-17025

Engr. Masood Ahmad,
Assistant Director
Tel: 051-9101282-83 Ext 214)
Water supply and water/waste water treatment, proliferation of R&D extracts & product innovation & commercialization

Ms. Irum Gul,
Research Officer
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 271)
Technical manager spectrometric Lab III, water quality assessment, bottled water, surface and ground water samples
Planning & Coordination
Officials Contact Area of Expertise

Engr. Malik Arshad Khan,

Tel: 051-9101273
051-9101282-83(Ext 246)
Planning & Development PSDF Projects, Coordination with Ministry Departments on Policies Issues

Engr. M. Umar Munir,
Assistant Director
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 212)
High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS), Planning, Coordination and Project Management
Officials Contact Area of Expertise

Mr. Nadeem Anjum,

Tel: 051-9101279
051-9101282-83(Ext 211)

Mr. Muhammad Ashraf,

Deputy Director
Tel: 051-9101276, 051-9101282-83 (Ext 235)
Officials Contact Area of Expertise

Mr. Muhammad Arshad,
Deputy Director (Incharge)
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 251)

Mr. Mohsin Masood, Assistant Director/DDO
Tel: 051-9101282-83 (Ext 234)

PCRWR Act in English


PCRWR Act in Urdu


Regional Centers

PCRWR has established eight Regional Centres at Lahore, Bahawalpur, Tandojam, Quetta, Peshawar, Gilgit, Muzafarabad and Karachi to cater for regional issues as per its mandate. Each Centre has its own strategic importance and has been assigned research and development objectives in accordance with the peculiar water sector issues of the region. These centers are equipped with state of the art water and soil testing laboratories, lysimeter stations, experimental farms, groundwater investigation cells, drainage installation machinery, computers and documentation and information centers. Read more…

Research and Demonstration Farms

PCRWR has established Research and Demonstration Farms in different agro-climatic zones of the country: Mera Kachori, Peshawar (12 acres); Dingarh (500 acres), Toba Allahyar (100 acres), Hyderwali (200 acres), Naraywala (200 acres), Cholistan; Sariab Road, Quetta (8 acres); Nushki, Balochistan (500 acres); Mithi, Tharparkar (200 acres); Tandojam, Hyderabad (40 acres); Sial Mor, Sargodha (21 acres); and Chak Beli, Gujar Khan (22 acres). Read more…

Network of Water Quality Laboratories

The National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL) has been established at PCRWR Headquarters Islamabad, which has qualified for various international accreditations. The laboratory is capable of testing all water quality parameters for drinking, irrigation and other intended purposes. It has state of the art equipment and highly trained staff to carry out sophisticated analysis and tests. Similarly, the soil and water quality laboratories of the Regional Centers have been upgraded and strengthened.
A Network of water quality laboratories have also being established to provide water testing facilities at the grass root level in major cities i.e. Sialkot, Sahiwal, Multan, D. G. Khan, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Mianwali, Gujranwala, Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawab Shah, Badin, D. I. Khan, Muzaffarabad, Lora Lai, Abbottabad and Gilgit. Read more…

Commercialization and Innovation Cell (CIC)

The innovation is a key factor for national industrial competitiveness, a Commercialization and Innovation Cell (CIC) has also been established at PCRWR Headquarter Islamabad, to manufacture, market and sell its products and services. Sale points have also been established at Headquarter and Regional Office/Centres under Commercialization and Innovation Cell. Read more…

National Capacity Building Institute for Water Quality Management (NCBI)

The Institute is under establishment at PCRWR Headquarter Islamabad, with the collaboration of Korean International Corporation Agency (KOICA). The specific objectives of this project are: to establish a permanent national level setup for enhancement of the capacities of management of Pakistani water supply agencies for effective implementation of water quality monitoring and treatment programmes; to train in-service water supply professionals (mangers, engineers, scientists, field staff in water quality management) and fresh students to develop skills in planning and optimum utilization of available water supply infrastructure; and to produce certificate/diploma holder professionals for water quality management with target of provision of safe drinking water. Read more…