Visit of Hungarian water experts to Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), Headquarters, Islamabad on 17th May, 2022

The Hungarian water experts team visited PCRWR headquarters, Islamabad on 17th May,2022. The delegation comprised of Mr. Peter kovacs, Water Director, Head of River Basin Management and Water Protection Department, Ministry of Interior, Mr. Jeno Labdy, General Director, General Directorate of Water Management, Mr. Attila Lovas, Director, Middle Tisza Region Water Management Directorate and Mr. Zoltan Bencs, Director, South Transdanubian Water Management Directorate, Hungary. The officers from Federal Flood commission (FFC), Ministry of water Resources, Islamabad also accompanied the delegation. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Chairman, PCRWR welcomed the guests and presented a detailed overview of R&D activities and initiatives taken up by the Council to combat the water issues of Pakistan. The chairman briefly discussed about the possible areas of collaboration like Wastewater management and treatment, transboundary and inter provincial Water resources management, water quality, Environmental flows for the rivers, Integrated water resources management (IWRM) etc.
Mr. Peter Kovas appreciated the work of PCRWR and emphasized the need of collaboration and capacity building of the professionals of the both countries in future. The delegation also visited different facilities of PCRWR like Indus Telemetry (IoT), National Water Quality laboratory of PCRWR, Islamabad.