Program of Cooperation PCRWR & NUST 29th March, 2024

Program of Cooperation (PoC) between PCRWR & NUST 29th March 2024

A Program of Cooperation (PoC) was signed between PCRWR and Research, Innovation & Commercialisation (RIC) at NUST, Islamabad on 29th March, 2024. The main objective of the PoC is close cooperation in the field of Research and Innovation.

The institutions agreed to collaborate on different projects and initiatives aimed to create high quality research international standards and innovation related to water management, water quality and water security. NUST will also provide technical support in form of research data and technical analysis as well. They also agreed to collaborate in research for submitting joint proposals and publications in the field of water management, climate and water quality.

The PoC was signed by Pro-Rector from NUST side and by Director General, PCRWR on behalf of Council.