Inauguration of Groundwater Recharge Site at PMD Office, Islamabad

Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Chairman, PCRWR along with Captain (Retd) Muhammad Usman Younis, Chairman CDA, and Mr. Sahibzad Khan, Director General, PMD inaugurated groundwater recharge site developed at PMD Office, H-8/2, Islamabad on Monday, January 10, 2023. This site is developed under CDA project, Rainwater Harvesting for Groundwater Recharge in Islamabad”. Under this project, PCRWR is assisting CDA for the development of 100 groundwater recharge wells for the replenishment of groundwater aquifer. The recharge site newly developed at PMD Office, H-8/2 is among 60 sites, which have been developed so far whereas; remaining 40 are under progress.
On the occasion, Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Chairman, PCRWR highlighted the importance of rainwater harvesting and its utilization for groundwater recharge as an effective mean to counter groundwater depletion as well as managing the issue of urban flooding. He informed that about 30 million gallons of water has been recharged in to aquifer through 41 sites developed by CDA during monsoon period, 2022. He added that if only 50% of available rainwater is conserved, it could help to manage existing demand and supply gap in Islamabad. Moreover, he also emphasized the need for inclusion of rainwater harvesting for groundwater in the building by-laws for effective implementation at household scale. In his remarks, Captain (Retd) Muhammad Usman Younis, Chairman, CDA appreciated the project team consisting of professionals of CDA & PCRWR for the successful implementation. He added that this timely project conceived by PCRWR and being implemented by CDA. He said, this is good start of the journey however, this pilot project will be upscaled to counter depleting levels of groundwater and achieving milestone of sustainable groundwater management. The Chairman, CDA has further added that freshwater is a limited resource and it is in our hands to conserve it. He also highlighted the role of PCRWR for providing technical assistance to CDA towards the accomplishment of this project. He further added that such innovative and smart solutions are helpful for combating water scarcity, increase climate resilience and ensure food security in the Country. Furthermore, Chairman, CDA endorsed the proposal of PCRWR and showed commitment for the inclusion of rainwater harvesting in the building by-laws at household level. Mr. Sahibzad Khan, Director General, PMD highlighted that we need to expedite our efforts and more urgent actions should be taken for such innovative and reliable solutions to overcome current water challenges. Moreover, he appreciated CDA and PCRWR for taking this timely step and development of recharge site at PMD Office. He also emphasized the need for mass awareness about rainwater harvesting through electronic media for widespread adoption of this technology. This briefing was followed by inauguration and demonstration of newly developed rainwater harvesting site at PMD office, Islamabad.