Regional Office Gilgit

Regional Office PCRWR Gilgit conduct site specific research on water related issues of drinking water in GB.

Mandate and Mission
  • Conduct, organize, coordinate and promote research on resources including drinking water and sewerage water.
  • Under take contractual research and provide consultancy services to the private and public sectors.
  • Publish scientific papers, reports and periodicals arrange training workshops on water related issues.
  • To undertake monitoring of water quality in cities and villages rivers and aquifers.
  • To provide services for water quality monitoring, mitigation, and water quality analysis for physical, chemical and microbiological parameters with available state of art equipment’s.
  • Coordination and working relationship with NGOs, public and private departments and community in water sectors.
  • The WQL Gilgit has been assigned the role to initiate problems oriented research activities in different disciplines of water sectors with a view of optimize water utilization with maximum efficiency.
  • To study and promote local participation in the adaptation of cooperative system regarding water issues.
Activities in Gilgit Baltistan:

Climate smart and energy efficient water resources development 

  • Solar powered river water lift up to 100 ft in Morkhan and Passu
  • “Zero energy” water lifting through hydra ram pump up to height of 170 feet from river/water channels in Khyber
  • Rehabilitation and extension of piped water supply for irrigation by 4500 feet Borit Lake and Hussaini
  • Resuming water supply through piped routing to 2500 wilting apple plants in Azizabad
  • Headwater structure to route glacial water for apple orchard in Zarabad
Agricultural livelihood improvement through efficient irrigation

First trial of solar powered low head drip in the region for fruit orchards (Apple, Cherry and Apricot)

PCRWR-The Asia Foundation- KIU
  • Established a Research Information Cell at PCRWR Office, Gilgit to provide facilitation to local researchers and students of KIU
  • Enhancement of testing capability in PCRWR Gilgit Water Quality Laboratory
  • Establishment of Water, Climate and Environment Research Center in KIU
  • Designing strategies to implement the framework on water-energy-food nexus
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