Sr No. Name of the Project PC-I Cost (Rs. Million) Duration
1 Trans-Boundary effects on Ground and Surface Water along the Eastern Border of Pakistan 49.447 2017-21
2 Improved Land and Water Conservation Practices to enhance Wasteland Productivity in Thal Desert 30.828 2017-21
3 Exploration of Groundwater Potential and promotion of interventions for Rainwater Harvesting and Bio-Salione Agriculture in Sindh 57.000 2017-20
4 Integrated Approach for Control of Waterlogging and Salinity in Low Lying Areas of Sindh 55.262 2017-20
5 Integrated Water Resources Management in the Highly Depleted Pishin-Lora Basin of Balochistan 48.857 2014-18
6 Demarcation of Groundwater Quality zones in Indus Plain and Marginal Areas for Sustainable Development and Management of Groundwater (Lower Indus Plain) PCRWR 54.946 2014-17
7 Establishment of National Capacity Building Institute (NCBI) for Water Quality Management 323.573(FA 258. 000) 2014-17
8 Provision of Safe Drinking Water 1413.350 2006-2015
9 Water Quality Monitoring in Rural Areas of Pakistan and Installation of Low Cost Water Conditioning & Filtration Units (Phase-II) 39.655 2009-2014
10 Rainwater Harvesting and Desertification Control in the Kharan-Chagai Desert of Balochistan 37.371 2006-2014
11 Combating Drought and Desertification in the Thar Desert by Management of Water Resources 35.530 2005-2014
12 Enhancement and Management of Groundwater Resources in Balochista 38.680 2004-2014
13 Mass Awareness for Water Conservation and Development 154.450 2007-2011
14 Integrated Land and Water Management Studies for Agriculture Development in Pothwar Region 33.900 2004-2011
15 Strengthening of WRRC Peshawar for Undertaking Research in Water Resources Management 37.640 2004-2011
16 Water Quality Monitoring in Rural Areas of Pakistan and Installation of Low Cost Water Conditioning & Filtration Units 38.710 2004-2011
17 Participatory National Integrated Water Management Programme 177.210 2004-2011
18 Improved Water Conservation Practices for NWFP and Northern Areas of Pakistan 39.900 2004-2011
19 Sustainable Technologies for Efficient Water Management in Irrigated Areas of Southern Indus Plain 38.570 2004-2011
20 Mitigation of Desertification for Poverty Alleviation by Integrated Management of Land and Water Resources in Cholistan 34.440 2004-2010
21 Result Oriented Short Term Research Studies to Improve Water Resources of Mountainous Areas 28.010 2004-2010
22 Integrated Development and Management of Water Resources in Water Scarce Areas 33.480 2005-2008
23 Research Studies for Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Upper Indus Plain 24.080 2005-2008
24 Arsenic Monitoring and Mitigation in Pakistan 35.800 2005-2008
25 Demarcation of Groundwater Quality Zones in Indus Plain and its Marginal Areas for Sustainable Development and Management of Groundwater Phase-I (Upper Indus Plain) 36.515 2003-2008
26 Strengthening of PCRWR by Establishing GIS and Hydrologic Modeling Centre and Water Resources Databank 34.460 2004-2008
27 Strengthening of PCRWR Regional Office, Lahore for Undertaking Research on Irrigated Agriculture 30.739 2004-2008
28 Impact Assessment of Sewerage and Industrial Effluents on Human Health, Water Resources and Agriculture Productivity in Faisalabad 7.800 2004-2007
29 National Water Quality Monitoring Programme 39.660 2002-2007
30 Up-Gradation of WRRC Quetta to Undertake Rejuvenation of Depleting Aquifers and Propagation of High Efficiency Irrigation System in Balochistan 38.288 2001-2006
31 Mitigation of Drought Disaster in the Cholistan Desert by Management of Water Resources 152.501 2001-2006
32 Up-Gradation of Laboratories and Libraries of PCRWR 30.090 2001-2006
33 Construction of Headquarters Building and Research Laboratories of PCRWR 33.271 2002-2004