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Regional Offices PCRWR

PCRWR Regional Office, Lahore

6.4 K.m Main Raiwind Road,
Off Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore
Office. No: 042-35320484


Regional Office, Lahore conducts site-specific research on problems of irrigated agriculture in Northern Indus Plains to determine water requirements of major crops and efficient use of land and water resources. It also provides consultancy services to public/farming communities to develop and utilize groundwater, undertakes monitoring of water quality of cities, rivers, and aquifers in and around Lahore. Studies on conjunctive use of water and soil-water-plant relationship are also conducted. The objectives of establishing the Regional Office and its facilities are giver below.


  1. Determine water requirements of major crops in the irrigated areas.
  2. Carry out applied research on efficient use of land and water resources.
  3. Design and develop various soil moisture instruments for efficient use of water.
  4. Provide consultancy services to public/farming communities to develop and utilize groundwater.
  5. Undertake monitoring of water quality in cities, rivers, and aquifers.
  6. Maintain liaison and working relationship with various departments, universities, etc. in water sector.
  7. Document and disseminate research results to farming community/end users.


Soil and Water Quality Laboratory of the Regional Office

The laboratory has state of the art facilities and well-qualified, trained staff to perform numerous water quality tests. The laboratory has the capacity to carry out the following water quality parameters.

Physical Parameters: Colour, Turbidity, Odour, Taste and pH
Chemical Parameters: Alkalinity, Ammonia, Bicarbonate, Calcium, Carbonate, COD, DO, BOD, Conductivity, Free Chlorine, Hardness, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate, Potassium,Sodium, Total Chlorine, Sulphate, TDS, Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Magnesium, Chloride and Fluoride.
Trace Elements: Arsenic, Copper, Iron, Lead, Manganese and Zinc.
Microbiological Parameters: Coliform and E. coli.
Soil Parameters: ECe, pH, CO3, HCO3, Cl, SO4, Ca+Mg, Na, K, SAR, ESP, soil textural analysis (sand, silt and clay percentages), moisture content analysis, gypsum requirement, cations exchange capacity and saturation percentage.

Sub-Regional Water Quality Laboratories

Water quality analysis facilities are available in well equipped and fully established Water Quality Laboratories of Gujranwala, Sahiwal, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Mianwali and Sargodha, working under the administrative control of Regional Office, Lahore.

Lysimeter Station

A Lysimeter is an experimental set-up comprising of a big soil filled tank in which experiments can be conducted, very precisely under well-controlled conditions on almost all aspects of optimal utilization of surface and groundwater resources. It is also considered to be the basic tool for the measurement of groundwater contribution, deep percolation losses, evapotranspiration, solute transport and other related aspects of water management and sustainability of agricultural lands. Eighteen lysimeters have been constructed for undertaking research on various aspects of soil-water-plant relationship. Soil management studies have been conducted for the last 25 years at the Lysimeter Station of Regional Office, Lahore.

Instrument Designing Cell

Use of appropriate soil moisture instruments to monitor soil water status in the root zone of crops is vital for judicious and efficient utilization of available surface and groundwater resources. In Pakistan, use of such instruments is not very common due to high prices of imported instruments. In order to fill the gap, this Office has established a Cell for local designing and fabrication of soil moisture instruments (Tensiometer, Gypsum Block, Salinity Sensor, Soil Water Extractor, Water Sampler, Bubler, Sprinkler, and Water Level Indicator).

Field Research and Demonstration (R&D) Centre

A field Research and Demonstration Centre has been established on 21 acres of land near Makhdom Interchange, Sial Mor, Tehsil Kot Momin, District Sargodha. The land has been laser leveled, source of irrigation is tubewell and soil texture is sandy loam. Research studies on the evaluation of different water conservation and management practices on different crops are being carried out.


The latest national/international research material on soil, water and crop management is available, with on-line searching facility. The up-gradation of the library is carried out on regular basis. Scientists of the Regional Office, from other sister organizations and students from various universities are the regular users.

Documentation and Dissemination of Research Findings

The research studies carried out at the Regional Office, PCRWR, Lahore has produced valuable data/information on irrigation and soil management. Those research findings are translated into urdu for dissemination among the farming community in the form of brochures/pamphlets, audio visuals etc. Different instruments fabricated at Regional Office are demonstrated at the Lysimeter Station. Demonstration of different technologies like zero tillage, bed and furrow, laser land leveling and sprinkler irrigation etc. is performed at the R&D Centre and farmers' fields by organising field days and expert field visits etc.