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Dr. Muhammad Ashraf
Ph.D. (Agri.Engg)
Surface & Ground water Management,
Soil & Water Conservation,
Pressurized Irrigation,
Water Resources Planning & Development.
    Tel: +92-51 9101275
    +92-51 9101282-83 Ext: 209
    Fax: +92-51 9101280

Mr. Saeed Javed
M.Sc. (Agri. Economics), USA

M.A (Economics),
Govt. College Lahore
Project Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation,
Socio-Economic Studies and Administration.
    Tel: +92-51-9101279,
    +92-51 9101282-83 Ext: 227
    Fax: +92-51 9101280;

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed Sheikh
Director General (Research & Coordination)
Ph.D Civil Engineering (Hydrology), UK

Water Resources Development and Management, Engineering Hydrology, Planning, plementation and Monitoring
    Tel: +92-51-9101271,
    +92-51 9101282-83 Ext: 220
    Fax: +92-51 9101280

Ms Lubna Bukhari
Director General (Water Quality)
M.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry

Library Management,Documentation, Publication etc.

    Tel: +92-51 9101269 Ext 264

Tariq Saeed Haider
Director (Admn)

3 years experience in the field of planing monitoring & evaluation of PSDP projects besides Administration

    Tel: +9101276

Engr. Muhammad Azam
Director (PMT)
M.E. (Water Resources)

Irrigation, Water Conservation, Water Management, Drainage Of Agricultural Land, Water Resources Planning.

    Tel: +92-51- 9101273,
    +92-51 9101282-83 Ext: 246
    Fax: +92-51 9101280

Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Malik
Ph.D (UK)

Hydrology. Unsaturated soil moisture flow simulation. High efficiency irrigation systems. Glaciology and mountainous water management.
    Tel: +92-51- 9101272
    +92-51 9101282-83 Ext 217
    Fax: +92-51 9101280

Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed
Dy.Director (Finance Coord)
M.A. (Political Science)

Finance Management, Procurement.
    Tel: +92-51 9101270
    +92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 261
    Fax: +92-51-910128

Engr. Faizan-ul-Hasan
Deputy Director(WM)
MSc. Water Resources & Irrigation Engineering
B.Sc Civil Engineering

Water Resources Management, rainwater harvesting, Water Supply, Drinking water quality and treatment.

    Tel: +92-51-9101285 Ext: 218

Mr. Nadeem Anjum
Dy. Director (Admin)
M.A (Political Science)

Establishment, Management, Preparation of Seniority cases. Pension cases.
    Tel:+92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 235

Ms Hifza Rasheed
Deputy Director (Lab)
M.Phil (Microbiology)
Water Quality Monitoring (On Study Leave).
    Tel: +92-51 9101274
    +92-51 9101282-83 Ext: 263

Mr. A D Bhatti
PS to Chairman

To do all the Secretariat work of the office of Chairman PCRWR.
    Tel: +92-51 9101270
    +92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 210
    Fax: +92-51-910128

Mr. Muhammad Ashraf
Assistant Director (Admin)
M B A (H R M)

Legal Cases, Promotion Cases, Maintenance of performance, Evaluation Reports
    Tel:+92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 235

Ms Saiqa Imran
Sr. Research Officer
M.Phil Chemistry (Organic)

Water Quality Monitoring & Quality Assurance & Managment

    Tel: +92-51 9101284
    +92-51 9101282-83 Ext: 257

Engr. Ali Bahzad
Assistant Director (WM)
M.Sc Water Resources Management/ Irrigation Engineering,

Watershed Development and Management, Surface and Groundwater Hydrology.

    Tel: +92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 265

Engr. Ahmad Zeeshan Bhatti
Assistant Director (WM)
M. Phil. (Water Resources Management)

Mini-Dams/Rainwater Harvesting Ponds, Surface and Pressurized irrigation systems, Groundwater, Skimming wells, Wastewater Management, Seawater intrusion
    Tel: +92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 265

Ms Kiran Anwaar
Research Officer
M.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry)

Analysis of microbiological samples
    Tel: +92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 260

Naveed Iqbal
Assistant Director (GIS/RS)

Satellite Hydrology, Hydrogeology, GIS, Remote Sensing

    Tel: +92-51 9101270
    +92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 240
    Fax: +92-51-910128

Ms Sehrish Hanif
Assistant Director
M.S (Geophycics)

Groundwater Modelling
    Tel: +92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 240

Syed Ibtisam Asmat
Assistant Director
B.S (Electrical Engineering)

Provide technical assistance & resolution when electrical problem are encountered in NWQL.
    Tel: +92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 219

Anwaar Ahmad Qureshi
M.Phil Anthropology

Ethnographic Research, Socio-Economic surveys, Community Mobilation
    Tel: +92-51 9101270
    +92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 255

Engr. Bareerah Fatima
Program Liaison Officer
M.S Engg management
B.Sc Agricultural Engg

Water Sector Project Processing Policy, Water Resources Management, Arc GIS Aplication, Hydraulic Modelling
    Tel: +92-51 9101270
    +92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 243

Muhammad Athar Ibrahim
Computer Officer
BS(Computer Engineering)

Networking, Web Developer
    Tel: +92-51 9101270
    +92-51-9101282-83 Ext: 240


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