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FAO Delegation Visits PCRWR HQ

Pakistani Farmers Get Tips via Text

PCRWR celebration international day to combat desertification with Radio Pakistan

Visit of Director General IWMI (International Water Management Institute) at PCRWR HQ

International Day of Biological Diversity- May 22

PCRWR Team Visit to regional office, WWRC, Quetta and R &D Farm on 18th and 19th May, 2017

PCRWR Team Visit to the Project Site of Rana Karez for Research Study "Rehabilitation and Sustainable Management of Karez in Balochistan" in Quetta on 18th May 2017

PCRWR Team Visit to the project site of "Integrated Water Resources Management at Pishin Lora Basin", Village Bagh in Barshore at Pishin District, Quetta Balochistan on 17th May 2017

One Day Workshop on Hydrologic Modelling using HEC-HMS in collaboration with US-Embassy

Participation of PCRWR's Delegation in Asian Development Bank meeting at Quetta

Improving Groungwater management to enhance agriculture and farming livelihood in Pakistan

Visit of Chairman IRSA

Inauguration of Indus Telemetry on Pilot Scale

4th meeting of Board of Governors of PCRWR

Training of Trainers, Facilitators in Bahawalpur under project, "Developing Approaches to Enhance Farmer Water Management Skills in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan in Pakistan

Pilot Site Selection Visit to Bahawalpur under ACIAR Sponsored Project "Developing Approaches to Enhance Farmer Water Management Skills in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan in Pakistan"

Visit of ICHARM and PMD heads to PCRWR, HQ

Two Days International Workshop 11 April 2017

Two Days International Workshop 10 April 2017

DAWN Pakistan FOOD & Agri Expo 2017

1st Quarterly Meeting of National Water Research Network (NWRN)

Visit of ICIMOD Delegation to PCRWR

Consultative Workshop on Integrated Water Resource Management and Rainwater Harvesting in Punjab Barani Tract Islamabad 27 March, 2017

World Water Day-2017

National Workshop"Pakistan-Achievement of Water-related SDGs", March 14-15, 2017

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Saryab Road Quetta Research and Demonstration Farm

Field Research Station

PCRWR established its Water Resources Research Centre in Quetta in 1987, whereas its Agricultural Research Station is located at Sariab Road, Quetta. The Agricultural Research Station encompasses 8.34 acres of land. Water resources research is crucial for the Balochistan province as it is the largest province of Pakistan but the smallest in population. It represents the mountainous western fringe of the Indus Valley having arid climate. A few water resources are at the disposal of the area being outside the monsoon belt. The water crisis is becoming increasingly grave over time due to population pressure. The centuries old karezes are drying up due to groundwater mining. PCRWR is conducting research at the farm in terms of trickle irrigation, lysimeters and irrigation scheduling etc. The lysimeteric research station is located on 1 acre, whereas the 2.25 acres are under apple, apricot, pomegranate, almond and grape orchards. The lysimeteric research station comprises of 6 lysimeters. Presently, around 2 acres is under wheat experiments. A fruit nursery has also been established on 0.63 acres land. PCRWR has successfully grown olives at the farm (0.6 acre). Artiplex has been grown on the boundaries to serve as farm boundary. The farm house, road, green house etc. occupies 0.63 acre land.

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