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World Water Day, 27 March 2019 Leaving no one behind-Small farmers leading the way

Karachi:Small farmers form a large segment of agrarian society of Pakistan making them the custodian of water and food security of the country. Small and medium farmers are central focus of a project in “Australian Water Program” that Australian government is undertaking in support of Government of Pakistan to provide scientific and research-based solutions for water management issues faced by farmers. World Water Day 2019is planned on 27-28 March in Karachi as an event “to recognize the efforts of small farmers in meeting water crises”.Speaking on the occasion on 27thMarch, Australian High Commissioner for Pakistan H.E. Margaret Adamson assured full support of Australian Government to Agriculture and Water Resources Management in Pakistan. Small farmers, without a doubt, are the backbone of Pakistan’s economy, society and the cultural heritage, she spoke. The Secretary Agriculture, Government of Sindh Agha Zaheer ud Din stated that it is crucial to empower small farmers with new knowledge to increase water productivity of their crops not only for the wellbeing of the farmers but also for the prosperity of the nation. Project leaders of other Australian projects also addressed the occasion.