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Policy Roundtable on Building Climate Resiliency in GilgitBaltistan (GB)

PCRWR in collaboration with its project partners; ICIMOD, WWF and Karakoram International University, Gilgit organized a policy roundtable on 26th June, 2018. This policy roundtable was organized as communication, coordination and demonstration activity under WWF sponsored project Agricultural Water, Energy and Hazard Management in the Upper Indus Basin for Improved Livelihood and Building Resilience. The Chief Minister GilgitBaltistanMr Hafiz HafeezurRehman chaired the event whereas Australian High Commissioner Ms Margaret Adamson, Federal Secretary Ministry of Food Security and Research, Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken, Vice Chancellor KIU, Dr Atta Ullah Shah, Speak of Legislative Assembly GB Government MrFida Muhammad Nashad and Mr. Jafarullah Deputy Speaker of Legislative Assembly GB Government attended as guests of honor. Chairman, Water Environment Forum Mr. Nisar A Memon, Chairman PCRWR, DrMirzaHabib Ali, Head of ICIMOD’s Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit,MrFarid Ahmad, Country Director ICIMOD, Dr Abdul Wahid Jasra, Country Director Hashoo Foundation, Director General Pakistan Meteorology Department, DrGhulamRasool, Ms Ayesha Khan, Director WWF, MrRab Nawaz and representatives from private sector, civil society and community organizations participated in policy roundtable.
The Chief Minister of GB shared his government’s vision of provincial development while building climate resilience at the same place. The Federal Secretary M/o FS&R emphasized that, high value agriculture and shift from conventional agricultural practices is a key to achieve better livelihood in the GB region. Mr. NisarMemon highlighted the importance of scaling out technologies which are being piloted in the project. The Chairman PCRWR shared the prospects of financial opportunities to undertake research on the aspects of water and food security.