National Capacity Building Institute (NCBI), ISLAMABAD

The consistently increasing threat to adverse effects of climate change in general and to water resources of Pakistan is worrisome. When Pakistan’s high population growth rate and its tremendous dependence on water for agriculture products is considered this threat seems even more grave. Keeping in view the stress Pakistan’s water resources are under, it’s important to understand the implications of change in the quality, quantity and patterns of water availability in Pakistan.

The establishment of National Capacity Building Institute (NCBI) at headquarters of Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) is the step in the direction of enhancing the ability of Pakistan’s in-service water professionals and students of water resources in applying traditional and modern techniques to understand and solve the water resources issues being faced.


To develop into and sustain its position as the best training and capacity building institute in the field of water sciences and engineering at national and regional level.


  1. To provide accommodating, supportive and enabling environment to water professionals of different public and private sector water related departments of Pakistan to enhance their conceptual, managerial and technical capacity through carefully in-house and on-demand designed courses that are tailored to different cadres of water professionals.
  2. To ensure availability of quality faculty, computational facility and laboratories at the Institute for maximum academic satisfaction of the participants.
  3. To train ethically responsible water professionals and researchers who are innovative and are able to apply modern engineering principles and tools to ever evolving nature of water engineering and sciences.

Areas of Interest & Training Courses

To take advantage of the facilities and fulfill its goals, NCBI plans to offer different courses and training programs of varying durations and complexity to water professionals of different government institutes/departments and students of public and private sector universities. The main areas of interest are:

  1. Climate Extremes (Droughts, Floods and Desertification)
  2. Water Management (Ground, Surface and Atmospheric Water)
  3. Water Quality (Domestic, Industrial and Agriculture Water)

The following courses are currently offered at NCBI. Almost all courses are offered over a week long course schedule. Please click on each subject to see the brief details of content. Detailed contents are available upon interest.

  1. Surface water-River Flow Management
  2. Surface water-Irrigation Flow Management
  3. Hydrology
  4. Hydrological Modeling
  5. Water Quality Chemistry and Filtration
  6. Wastewater Collection and Treatment
  7. Desertification
  8. Flood Frequency Analysis
  9. Flood Routing
  10. Others


The facilities at NCBI, sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan and Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Government of Republic of Korea, are tailored for in-depth training of above mentioned individuals. The facilities at NCBI includes state of the art laboratories and high-tech computational laboratories. The institute has boarding facility both for male and female participants which would initially be provided free of charge.