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Geographic Information System (GIS) and Hydrological Modeling Centre (HMC)

The Council has successfully established Geographic Information System (GIS) Hydrologic Modeling Centre (HMC) at PCRWR Headquarter, Islamabad. The research facilities are briefly described below:

Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) Centre:

GIS is a state of the art system of hardware, software and procedures to facilitate the management, manipulation, analysis, modeling, representation and display of spatial data to solve complex problems regarding planning and management of resources, whereby remotely sensed data is mostly used in addition to manual data. The GIS and RS Centre now has been completely established at the PCRWR Headquarter with state-of the-art equipment, professionals and inter-alia latest GIS/RS softwares. That are being used to manage visualize and analyze the homogeneous/heterogeneous spatial datasets and subsequently results/recommendations are disseminated to the concerned authorities.

Hydrological Modeling Centre (HMC):

The Hydrological Modeling Centre is fully equipped with latest modeling tools and softwares. Hydrological modeling is the assessment, monitoring, prediction and analysis of surface and groundwater resources. The interdisciplinary nature of water resource problems require the integration of technical, economic, environmental, social, and legal aspects, into a coherent analytical framework. With increasing competition for water across sectors and regions, the river basin has been recognized as the appropriate unit of analysis, for addressing the challenges of water resources management. Modeling at this scale can provide essential information for policymakers to help decision making. These facilities help in conducting research activities in areas of waterlogging, salinization, groundwater mining, water pollution and flood forecasting. The regional issues in addition to those at national scale can also be simulated by utilizing fine resolution data.

Groundwater Management and Investigation Cell

The state of art equipment is available with the PCRWR Headquarter, Islamabad for quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the sub-surface water. The Council has conducted a number of exploratory surveys to delineate underground lithology of the aquifer as well as its quality and extent. It also offers its services for private sector on subsidized rates. The Council has indigenously developed low-cost water level indicators and hydro-salinity samplers for the measurement of water-table depth and groundwater quality. The instruments are being extensively used in the field to develop maps for depth to water-table, as well as for physical ground truthing of the resistivity survey and spatial distribution of hydro-salinity.

Mapping and Design of Soil and Water Conservation Practices

The Water Management Section of the Council is equipped with state of the art surveying equipment such as differential GPS, Total Station, Map Digitizers etc; processing softwares like ArcGIS, Surfer, Coordinate Translators, Erdas Imagine; jumbo size peripheral devices such as plotters and scanners, under the use of highly skilled professionals. The Council has conducted a number of surveys in remote and rugged areas to develop comprehensive 2-D and 3-D topographic maps in order to plan and design various soil and water conservation and management practices like, rainwater harvesting, surface and lift irrigation systems, mini and small dams, storm water drainage channels, artificial groundwater recharge structures, farm layout improvements, precision land leveling, high efficiency irrigation systems, construction of retaining walls and check structures etc. The Council also offers those services and consultancies on subsidized rates, to public and private sector organizations and farmers.