Consultative Meeting on groundwater legislation in Islamabad Capital Territory– November 26, 2021

Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) in collaboration with Wateraid and Musawi has organized a consultative meeting on 26th November, 2021.
A consultative meeting was held with WaterAid and Musawi on Novemebr 26, 2021 at PCRWR Headquarters Islamabad. The agenda of the meeting was to share the initial draft of the ground water regulatory framework of Islamabad to comprehensively manage, regulate and protect all water resources in the Islamabad capital territory in the interest of conservation and sustainability. The representative of Musawi briefed the participants on the different aspect of the act. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Chairman PCRWR appreciated the work of WaterAid and Musawi. He shared his experience and identified the gaps which may be addressed to make this draft more effective for the efficient use of water in ICT. He further discussed that this framework will be a model for the provinces to secure their precious resource. The Wateraid and Musawi representatives discussed the legal aspects of this act and how it can be implemented. Moreover, it was decided that a stakeholder consultative meeting will be organized for detailed discussion on revised draft groundwater regulatory framework before submission at relevant forum.