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Commercialization and Innovation Cell (CIC)

The innovation is a key factor for national industrial competitiveness, a Commercialization and Innovation Cell (CIC) has also been established at PCRWR Headquarter Islamabad, to manufacture, market and sell its products and services. Sale points have also been established at Headquarter and Regional Office/Centres under Commercialization and Innovation Cell.

R & D Products

The following R & D are developed by PCRWR.

Safe Water Filter
Patent no. 141363

Capacity: 18 L
Material: Acrylic
Flow Rate: 3 L/H
Usage: Removal of Bacteria/Arsenic /Turbidity
Shelf Life: Cartridge 6 years
Working Life: Cartridge 2 years
Price: Rs. 4000/ unit
Simultaneous removal of Bacteria, Arsenic & Turbidity
Patent No. 141363

Treatment Capacity: 18 L
Packaging: 9 ml
Usage: Removal of Bacteria/Arsenic /Turbidity
Shelf Life: 3 Year
Price: Rs. 25/ Sachet
Microbiological Testing Kit
Patent No. 141361

Capacity: Single Test
Test Range: Presence/ Absence (Bacteria)
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Price (Rs): 250/ kit
Arsenic Testing Kit
Patent No. 141362

Capacity: 100 Tests
Test Range: 0-250 ppb
Shelf Life: 5 Years
Price (Rs): Rs. 10,000/ kit, Rs. 100/ Test
Water Disinfection Tablets

Treatment Capacity: 20 L
Treatment Time: 30 Minutes
Packaging: 30 Tablet/Pack
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Price (Rs): Rs. 150/Pack
Active Ingredient: 33 mg
Water Disinfection Tablets

Treatment Capacity: 500 Gallons
Treatment Time: 30 Minutes
Packaging: 10 Tablets/Bottle
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Price (Rs): Rs. 1000/Bottle
Active Ingredient: 3300 mg

  1. Tensiometer tell us when to apply water.
  2. It measures soil moisture suction(because of depletion of available moisture) upto 80 centi bars.
  3. The rootzone measuring lengths are 1ft, 2ft and 3ft
  4. 2500 Rs/piece

  1. Bubblers applies water in small fountain form to the plants.
  2. Those are suitable for orchard trees with relatively high water requirements.
  3. Bubblers are supplied water through small pipelines.
  4. Better replicate of drippers in high ET areas.

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